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On a family farm just a half-hour drive from the Metroplex in Northern Texas,
a small gallery known as"Bethlehem in Denton County" was built.
It was so named because it houses a collection of
more than 1800 creches and nativity scenes.

Dating back to early 20th century and representing at least 25 countries and cultures,
the depictions of the Holy Family vary in size from 6-ft banners to the tiniest of tableaus
whose detail is best viewed with the aid of a magnifyng glass.

Many have special stories about how they came to be a part of the collection.
Families who have experienced the beauty and diversity of this collection
have found it to be both educational, meaningful and fun!


     Go down the winding walkway and through the red door to find a breath-taking collection of approx. 1800 nativities and creches of Baby Jesus with his family and friends. 
     This beautiful and awe-inspiring collection belongs to Judy Klein who is "MangerMaid" and Curator of the treasures in this small, but delightful, gallery that is definitely fit for the Infant King.



The shelves in this particular corner hold roughly 150 depictions of the Holy Child. Note in the lower corner of the photo:  those are branches of the 7 1/2' Manger Tree decorated with approx. 800 nativity ornaments.   Certainly worth a visit!  There's nothing like it in the country!!

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Visitors are welcome year round at Bethlehem in Denton County  and may visit
evenings and weekends, (at least until Judy retires from her daytime job in a few years).

Please call in advance to schedule your visit.
(940) 231-4520 evenings...... or Click here to send an email.