Bethlehem in Denton County
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"A Bird's Eye View of What Is Inside"
The Trees
manger treemajesty treetree of light
There are three Christmas trees, evergreen to represent eternal life. The Manger Tree is a large 7 1/2-ft. tree in the front window.  It is filled with nearly 800 ornaments depicting the Infant Child in the manger. The Majesty Tree is a 4-ft. tree decorated only with brass and gold ornaments and topped with a golden crown for the King of Kings.  The golden color represents the majesty of our Lord. 
The Tree of Light is a 3-ft. tree decorated with clear ornaments.  The white look of the ornaments and
the clear lights represent the purity of our Lord.
International Wall
International Wall

Many of the nativities from countries and cultures around the world are displayed on one wall and identified by their country.  Countries represented include Mexico, Peru, Ecquador, Bangladesh, Columbia, Hawaii, Philippines, Caribbean, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Tanzania, Italy, Poland, Israel, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Laos, American Indians, Russia, Guatamala, Argentina, Nirobi, & others. 
Made from:

The nativities include fabric, ceramic, crystal, china, wood, rubber, banana bark, resin, rocks, cement, various metals, yarn, wax, needlework, corn shucks, stained glass, straw, gold, lace, spun glass, shells, dough, seashells, cypress knee, eggshells, and more.
Variety in Style
variety in style

This collection ranges from traditional to fantasy, from elegant to simplistic, from drab to vibrant color, from soft and flexible to hard and rigid, from Mary & Joseph 1/16" to 7-ft.  Included are soft sculpture, whimsical critters, cookie presses, mugs, tea sets, windchimes, flower pots, candles, sun-catchers, mantle scarves, spoons, stamps, thimbles, children's art, rubber stamps, emu eggs, plates, necklaces, bracelets & pins.  Some are musical, lighted, talking or rotating;  some do nothing but simply remind you of God's love.

Some see Him white; some see Him black; some see Him blond; some see Him brunette.  No matter what our heritage is, we tend to see Him just as we are.  So do the critters, whether they are mice or angels or bears or snowmen.  We all come to the manger to worship God's Son.
Children's Area

With so many untouchables and breakables on display, a special area has been set aside for little children:  their own space designed for their hands-on experience.  There are puzzles, finger puppets, books, shakers, nesting dolls, wooden sets, soft sculptures and pillows.