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Read what some of our visitors have told us!

"The hands-on children's area is an excellent way to enchant the younger ones and get them interested in "The Greatest Story Ever Told."
                      Visitor from Bedford, Texas
"From plain old popsicle sticks to elegant crystal and gold; from crude carving to intricate needlework, from large to quite tiny.....what a collection!"
         Church choir member from North Dallas
 "From one collector to another, 'Bethlehem' is    just awesome!" 
                Visitor from Austin, Texas

"The stories behind the Nativities make the tour so much more interesting!"
                Visitor from Dallas Metroplex
"Oh my goodness!!  I had no idea two people and a baby could be portrayed in so-o-o many ways!" 
                 Patricia from Colorado

"This is really great.  Word needs to get out about this place.  Get ready because the people will come!" 
                   Brad from Arkansas

"Who would have thought of the Holy Family as snow people?  Or as a holy family of mice, or bears or cats or other 'whimsies'?  But why not??  Don't we all see Jesus  from our own perspective?"         Frank from Chicago

"A beautiful collection depicting the gift God gave us:  Himself in the form of His son - how God became man and how spectacular that was for us as human beings to know how He wants us to love and live." 
     Advertising Executive from Fort Worth

"I have truly been blessed to have seen a beautiful collection, and to have met the Mangermaid."
                     Idaleene from Denton, Texas

"Oh-h-h-h..............Oh-h-h-h-h.........Oh-h-h-h-h!!  How beautiful and exciting!  The displays are so well thought-out and with such attention to detail!"      Visitor from Virginia

"I'll have to come back several times to really see all of them."
               Visitor from Benbrook, Texas

"Thank you for letting us visit Bethlehem.  We enjoyed it very much."                      Angela, age 8

"I have never seen anything like Bethlehem before, or known anyone who so generously shared their passion as such a ministry.  The Lord truly blesses people through you."
                   Linda from Waco,  Texas

"I came away in awe of the reality of the Nativity and with a greater sense of how all the world was affected by it.  A delightful place for children to visit, too!" 
                  A mother from Central Texas

"Bethlehem was the perfect destination for our Sunday School Class's Mystery Trip!  Thanks for sharing your Easter weekend with us." 
            Frannie from First Baptist Church, Alba, Texas

"How wonderful to have an area where the children can touch and play and experience the story through Fisher-Price and Vege-Tales and books and puzzles."
                              Debbie from Illinois